What Are The Good Things About An Irish Bar?

Irish Bars in the previous years have become so famous. This is because of the standard they have maintained in their bars. This article shows good things about an Irish bar.


The look of the bar is rare and attractive. Irish bars have distinctive interior design and lighting in the bar. The most stylish bar stools and the wooden works on the walls with amazing paintings in the bar make the place more special. Irish people focus on serving the drinks, but the seating arrangement in the bar is just awesome. The unique design of the bar makes it famous in every nook and corner of the world.

Music In Irish Bars

Music is everyone’s love. The traditional music is played in the bar. Also, you will commonly find various groups playing music in Irish bars. O’Donoghues. Home of The Dubliners, Doheny & Nesbitts, The Hairy Lemon, Kehoe’s, Gogarty’s, and The Cobblestone are famous Irish bars famous for live traditional Irish music. This music makes us feel good, reduce our stress and anxiety.

Pouring The Guinness Perfectly

Guinness is a popular drink in the Irish bars. To pour a good pint of Guinness, a barman requires the proper skill, experience, and patience. To pour precisely, the drink is required practice. A good one is with the creamy head topped off the pint. Not everyone can perfectly perform this task.

Sports On Television

One more unique service provided in the Irish bars is that there is an arrangement for watching Sport and racing on TV while having drinks. It is cheerful for sports lovers who can enjoy and party while watching their favorite sports with their best friends and colleagues. There is a betting officer as well in the bar. So people can bet at some important matches. People feel it more exciting watching the match in these kinds of bars than being at the match. This is a very beneficial idea to enhance the customer base in the Irish bars.

The snug

This is a small area that is a bit separate from the bars. The snug is where friends can sit separately from the public to have their own private discussions. These snugs were used to hold meetings in the bar. These snugs are also a special feature of Irish clubs. You must have seen snugs if you have ever visited any Irish club.

The Meal

Irish bartenders do not only serve the beverages, but you can also have some delicious and special meals at the bar. The main mouthwatering food items in an Irish bar include steamed mussels, colcannon ham, cabbage pie, Irish braised rabbit pie, special boxty, delicious smoked salmon toast, Irish potato bread, Dublin coddle, etc.

Friendly Environment

The most amazing feature of Irish bars is the friendly environment at the place. If you are a regular customer, then bartenders will recognize you and try to remember your name. They build a relationship with their customers. Irish bars a cheerful place to enjoy food with beverages in the company of your friends. The attitude of the hospitable staff in the bars is worth appreciation.…

Why Drink At An Irish bar Instead of A Normal Bar?

Irish bars have the license to serve alcohol to the customers. Irish bars have a unique culture and an amiable atmosphere. It is a place where you will get served food with beverages, you can watch news and sports at the bar, and it is considered quite a comfortable place to meet friends. They are present in many countries around the world. Many people prefer these bars because of the smooth atmosphere of the bar.

Authenticity Of Irish Bars

Irish bars have retained their cultures and traditions. Moreover, their hospitality for the customer is so impressive, which is why they have huge customers worldwide. The success of any business depends on its customers. If the customers are happy with the services, the business will never flop. An Irish bar might not need an Irish owner, but the atmosphere must be classy, cool, and comfortable. Many of the other bars are using the name of Irish bars, but they do not match the standards.

Friendly Atmosphere

The environment of the Irish bar overall is so welcoming. It is fun to be in an Irish bar. Many people are attracted to the bar because of the friendly environment the Irish have created inside the bars for their customers. If you want to relax while having a drink, then find an Irish bar near you. You can enjoy traditional Irish music in the bar. The bartenders themselves are very easy going and affectionate. A person feels delighted to spend time in such a place. The traditional Irish music is commonly played in the bars. It is the joyous environment that attracts clients. One can find an Irish bar anywhere in the world.

Interior Designing

The interior of the Irish bar is unique in its own form. They use classic design and unique lighting in the bars in Irish style is just delightful. The design may vary l little bit based on the differences in the areas, but the basic styling remains traditional. The Irish bar’s interior design differs significantly so that even a layperson can guess about the bar. The design believes that customers have a proper feel of excitement and happiness when they come to the bar.

Food and drinks

The Irish bar is famous for alcohol consumption, but they provide the best and simple food to its customers. The main food items in an Irish bar includes steaming mussels, colcannon ham and cabbage pie, braised rabbit pie, boxty, smoked salmon toast, Irish potato bread, and Dublin coddle are some Irish foods. The drinks served in an Irish bar are Whiskey, Guinness, cider, cream liquor, mead, Poitin, Wine, Alcopops, and Irish coffee. These are some of the major drinks famous in Irish bars. Irish bars have maintained their high food and beverage standards, so people chose to drink at Irish bars instead of in normal bars.

It is the hospitality of the Irish people that have made bars so famous in the world. Irish bars are considered one step ahead of others in their presentation and serving.…

Five Best Irish Festivals

Irish people have their own unique set of yearly festivals. Festivals have a long history, and they have religious and traditional origins. Religious festivals are celebrated in honor of religion, while traditional festivals evolved for the sake of enjoyment with family and friends. Both the kind of festivals unites the people in any community culturally and emotionally. Every country has its specific festivals based on the belief system of their ancestors.

  1. Saint Patrick’s Irish Festival

Saint Patrick’s is basically the national holiday around the world.  It is celebrated on 17 March. It is the death date of Saint Patrick, who was the foremost Patron Saint for the Irish people. The festival is celebrated in the Catholic Church, and it was made official in the 17th Century. People wear green attire and participate in the parade. Celebrations are made throughout the country, but Dublin is the main point of Celebration for this festival. The celebration starts some days before the day itself and runs a few days after 17 March. Irish and non-Irish people celebrate it equally.

  • Lisdoonvarna Festival in Ireland

The festival is celebrated in September. This is a joyous event for romantic hopefuls. It is also known as the matchmaking festival. Willie Daly, who has inherited matchmaking skills from four fathers, uses his skills to help people find true love. It relates to the farmers who attend the event after harvest to find a wife for them. People who do not interest in finding love also attend this event because of the dancing performances on traditional Irish music. Anyone can participate in this dance.

  • Savannah Irish Festival

Savannah Irish Festival is one of the most exciting festivals of all. It brings music, dancing, storytelling, and other people’s performances to Georgia’s First City. It is one of the largest festivals where the Irish has a great fun time with their families. The performances present the Irish Heritage. The artists perform on one of the four stages and entertain the crowd full of families. It has been celebrated in Ireland for the past three decades. Celebrations are made in February.

  • Horse Festival in Dublin

Dublin Horse Show is world-famous. This is interesting for people who love horse shows. The amazing and unique festival is celebrated for one week in August. Experts appear with their strong horse and put up a show before the audience. There are horse jumping competitions during the daytime and in the evening party is on. Competitions are held between the participants, and prizes are distributed to the winners. It also provides an opportunity for people to buy and sell horses. Moreover, there are exhibitions, music, and street performances.

  • Galway Art Festival in Ireland

This art festival is celebrated by the Irish in July each year. It is being celebrated for the past four decades in the country. The festival is so huge that it requires multiple venues in the Galway to organize the event. The basic performances roam around music, dance, visual arts, and theatre. Famous stars are there to entertain the massive audience of Ireland.…