Five Best Irish Festivals

Irish people have their own unique set of yearly festivals. Festivals have a long history, and they have religious and traditional origins. Religious festivals are celebrated in honor of religion, while traditional festivals evolved for the sake of enjoyment with family and friends. Both the kind of festivals unites the people in any community culturally and emotionally. Every country has its specific festivals based on the belief system of their ancestors.

  1. Saint Patrick’s Irish Festival

Saint Patrick’s is basically the national holiday around the world.  It is celebrated on 17 March. It is the death date of Saint Patrick, who was the foremost Patron Saint for the Irish people. The festival is celebrated in the Catholic Church, and it was made official in the 17th Century. People wear green attire and participate in the parade. Celebrations are made throughout the country, but Dublin is the main point of Celebration for this festival. The celebration starts some days before the day itself and runs a few days after 17 March. Irish and non-Irish people celebrate it equally.

  • Lisdoonvarna Festival in Ireland

The festival is celebrated in September. This is a joyous event for romantic hopefuls. It is also known as the matchmaking festival. Willie Daly, who has inherited matchmaking skills from four fathers, uses his skills to help people find true love. It relates to the farmers who attend the event after harvest to find a wife for them. People who do not interest in finding love also attend this event because of the dancing performances on traditional Irish music. Anyone can participate in this dance.

  • Savannah Irish Festival

Savannah Irish Festival is one of the most exciting festivals of all. It brings music, dancing, storytelling, and other people’s performances to Georgia’s First City. It is one of the largest festivals where the Irish has a great fun time with their families. The performances present the Irish Heritage. The artists perform on one of the four stages and entertain the crowd full of families. It has been celebrated in Ireland for the past three decades. Celebrations are made in February.

  • Horse Festival in Dublin

Dublin Horse Show is world-famous. This is interesting for people who love horse shows. The amazing and unique festival is celebrated for one week in August. Experts appear with their strong horse and put up a show before the audience. There are horse jumping competitions during the daytime and in the evening party is on. Competitions are held between the participants, and prizes are distributed to the winners. It also provides an opportunity for people to buy and sell horses. Moreover, there are exhibitions, music, and street performances.

  • Galway Art Festival in Ireland

This art festival is celebrated by the Irish in July each year. It is being celebrated for the past four decades in the country. The festival is so huge that it requires multiple venues in the Galway to organize the event. The basic performances roam around music, dance, visual arts, and theatre. Famous stars are there to entertain the massive audience of Ireland.

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